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All Students receive individualized attention through private one-on-one tutoring, as well as a customized learning plan that is centered on each students current homework and your students unique learning style. Learn More »

Summer Sessions

My Learning Studio provides private 1 to 1 tutoring for all subjects, grades and ages. We help children, teens and adults to achieve greater success. Learn More »


We enjoy providing all private tutoring in a learning environment, focused on each individual student in a structured and relaxed environment. Learn More »


Science, Math, Art, Reading, Technology is included in all our Summer Camps... Children are excited to learn about magic, space, and things that go BOOM! They will never forget our summer camps and workshops. Learn More »


My Learning Studio Voted ” BEST MATH TUTOR” by Inland Empire Magazine” for the past six consecutive years.

My Learning Studio, Tutoring Riverside, CA, Tutor, Tutors, Tutoring, Math Tutor, Reading Tutor, Homework HelpMy Learning Studio Voted “BEST MATH TUTOR” by Inland Empire Magazine for six consecutive years from 2008-2013!

My Learning Studio is an award winning tutoring center providing private one on one tutoring in all academic subjects for both children and adults alike.  We specialize in helping students from the Riverside and surrounding areas in all levels of mathematics, sciences, reading comprehension and writing, improving student’s skills within weeks. Whether a student is entering kindergarten or an adult re-refreshing their math skills, our team of Educational Instructors and Tutors are here to make learning fun and successful.  Our students see a difference during their very first session.

Our well qualified, Educational Instructors and Tutors come from leading universities in the Riverside area, and are dedicated to the success of each student. We focus on the student’s current homework, study skills, test preparation and current Common Core Standards . Every session is tailored to meet the needs of the student’s curriculum.  Our staff of Educational Instructors and Tutors thoroughly teach each academic subject, to ensure students truly understand what they are learning.    This gives students the added confidence they need to succeed in their classes and on tests.  

Our tutors teach the way your child learns, utilizing multi-sensory learning.  Whether it’s tactile, visual, auditory, or kinesthetic- we are experienced at using tactile pathways simultaneously to enhance memory and learning.

Experience with Learning Disabilities

My Learning Studio has extensive experience working with children who have Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Auditory Processing Disorders (ADD, ADHD, APD).  We utilize multi-sensory learning to enhance memory and learning.  We are able to give students the focused supervision and direction needed to successfully complete homework and assignments.  Do not allow ADD, ADHD, or APD to deter a student’s academic success.  My Learning Studio is ready to help students with learning disabilities successfully navigate homework, assignment and test preparation.

Reading Teacher/Specialist

Our Reading Teacher/Specialist provides expert instruction and assessment of students in the fundamentals of reading and will implement a quality reading program focused on the strengths and needs of each reading student. Our reading tutor will focus on the areas your child needs most, such as: reading comprehension, vocabulary development, fluency, sight words, spelling proficiency, letter recognition and writing, phonemic awareness, phonics,  syllabication,  fluency, or  word analysis.

Homework Club

Does your student struggle with their homework assignments? Are you frustrated helping your children with homework?  Can you barely understand the directions? We are here to help!  Have your student join our popular after school “Homework Club”.  The Homework Club meets on Mondays & Wednesday or Tuesdays & Thursdays at our studio.   Our instructors will help students work through their homework assignments in a small group setting.

Reading and Math Assessments

My Learning Studio offers math and reading assessments for targeted learning and improvement in key areas based on California Standards and Common Core Standards. Call us for an appointment!

Tutoring available in these Academic Subjects and more.….

All levels of Mathematics including:

Elementary Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Linear Algebra and more.  AP, BC and Honors level of instruction in Math available.

Sciences include: 

Biology, Chemistry, Physics.  AP, BC and Honors level of instruction in Math available

Other Academic Subjects/Areas:

Reading, Reading Comprehension, Writing, Essay Writing, Spelling, Grammar, History, Spanish, College Prep, ASVAB, PSAT, SAT, CaHSEE, Accuplacer, CBEST, and GED test preparation.

Our Awards

“We’ve been voted “Best Math Tutor” in the Inland Empire Magazine consecutively from (2008-2013).  As well as “Best Place to Find a Tutor” in The Press Enterprise’s Reader’s Choice Awards in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013.”

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